This Increasingly Elaborate Shia LaBeouf Tribute Has Aerial Dancing, Cannibalism, And A Special Cameo

We already know that Rob Cantor can NOT do celebrity impressions. What he can do instead, though, is write funny songs about celebrities, and stage them in the most maximalist way possible.

The YouTuber who made headlines earlier this year by hoaxing the Internet with a ventriloquized celebrity impression song is now back with a tribute to Shia LaBeouf. Cantor has targeted the penis-having actor for musical parody due to his near-constant public escapades, be they plagiarism, Baldwin-terrorizing, or getting kicked out of theaters. The song and its accompanying video, however, aren’t merely a parody of the actor, in which he is referred to as an “actual cannibal,” they comprise a show-stopping musical number that one stage can barely contain.

After Cantor begins singing his 2012 song about LaBeouf’s cannibalistic follies with his band, it is gradually revealed that he is accompanied by a full orchestra and dancers. Things get increasingly elaborate as they go on, with aerial dancers on stilts getting involved, as well as bobblehead Shia-masked performers straight out of an Arcade Fire video. It’s a performance art piece worthy of Shia himself, who seems to live his life as a performance art piece these days, until it’s time to go promote that movie.

Stick around until the end, though, if only for the superstar cameo.JB