These Are The Gnarly Faces You Make When Drinking Shots

A photographer’s job is to capture truth in the world; to reveal the human condition in its natural form. Sometimes this noble quest involves capturing action as it occurs, and sometimes it means focusing on the way people react to things. It can be difficult to reverse-engineer certain reactions, just for the sake of committing them to print. Other times, however, all it takes is a bunch of booze.

“Shot Faces” is the brainchild of U.K.-based photographer, Tim Charles, who has set out to document the faces people truly make when imbibing plus-size thimbles of firewater. For an unrealistic depiction of the shot-slamming process, see: roughly any movie ever. Bros in bars slug ’em back with abandon, and respond with nary a grimace. Not so in real life, as Charles’s series indelibly proves. Whether it’s the burn of the alcohol, or the gag reflex from taking too much in at once, people get a little grotesque when they’re knocking back shots–and it tends to be one of the rare times we allow ourselves to be not so self-conscious about it.

Have a look through the slides above and be secondhand self-conscious for these test subjects on their behalf, and double-think allowing a camera nearby the next time you buy a round.

[h/t to Bored Panda]JB