The Super Secret Trick To Connecting With Millennials

Remember when you were old enough to understand your parents, and couldn’t figure out why they were talking about you as if you weren’t sitting right there? That’s how Millennials feel about, well, all of you–brands, advertisers, employers, and anyone struggling to understand the younger generation of consumers and workers. They hear all your tips and advice and explanations for why they’re so different, and they don’t think highly of it. Because it’s almost all wrong.

Fast Company senior editor Jason Feifer is here to save you from yourself. Watch the video above. And once you’ve been properly enlightened, you can go about the business of actually connecting with this younger generation. They’re ready for you to talk to them like the adults they are.

Try it, we’ll wait.

Good? Great. Now, we want to hear from you: What’s the worst advice you’ve ever heard on how to connect with Millennials? Tweet with the hashtag #trophytalk. Why #trophytalk? Because of that oft-repeated belief that all Millennials act entitled because they grew up winning sports trophies whether they won or lost. Believe it or not: That’s not true either!