Lulu Uses Men’s Random, Lewd Questions To Educate Users

Lulu Uses Men’s Random, Lewd Questions To Educate Users
[Photo: Flickr user Yugank Singhal]

Because all men are irrevocably designed to be terrible at the Internet, a new feature released today in Lulu could one day become God’s gift to the dating world.

Originally conceived as a “controversial” (read: not really) Yelp-style rating app that allowed women to rate men they have dated as if they were an Umami Burger, Lulu has since lifted the curtain a bit, allowing guys a glimpse at what women in their dating purview are saying about them.

“Truth Bombs” is another small expansion of that. Since quietly launching three weeks ago, some 60,000 questions from dudes have been posted. What Truth Bombs does isn’t very complicated. Essentially, the feature allows users lacking in social grace’s to anonymously solicit answers to hard questions from the opposite sex en masse. It’s an advice column in real time; a potential army of Jiminy Crickets at your disposal.

And what are men, having been given this valuable window into the better half’s thought process, most curious about?

Answer: Their penises.

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“Guys tell us that they want to be able to message girls and find out what they really think about sex and relationships,” Lulu cofounder Alison Schwartz explains to the Daily Dot via email. “Truth Bombs is a first step to helping girls and guys on Lulu interact with and learn from each other.”

The rest of the questions aren’t much better: “Do you like tall guys?”; “Do ladies care if your man jerks off? Watches porn?”; and “What’s your favorite flower?” Makes you think, really.

Lulu’s “Truth Bombs” could in theory teach hard-to-date guys a thing or two about the nuances of dating, or at least becoming dateable. But before we get there, it looks like users may have to wade through an even more phallus-centric version of Yahoo Answers.CG