Watch Little Girls Dropping F-Bombs In The Name Of Equality . . . And A T-Shirt Brand

Typically, when little kids say one of the seven dirty words they’re scolded, told not to say it again, maybe even threatened with a soap rinse. Point is, people don’t generally want their kids walking around dropping F-bombs willy nilly.

“Activist clothing brand” FCKH8, which makes anti-sexism, anti-racism and LGBT t-shirts with fun lines like “Some Dudes Marry Dudes. Get Over It,” “Racism Is Not Over But I’m Over Racism,” and “Girls Just Want To Have FUN-demental rights,” is using our discomfort with potty-mouthed children to make a point about gender. Here we have a collection of young girls gleefully saying “fuck” and asking if that’s more offensive than the statistics on pay inequality or violence against women and girls.

It’s bound to offend people, and that’s the point. Depending on your view of the brand and the approach taken in the spot, it’s a brash, funny way to make a serious point or a naked bit of exploitative trolling. But either way, it’s worked–the video has flown around the Internet in less than a day.

FCKH8 has gained a profile over the past year for similar stunts. The company drew criticism for its Ferguson-related “Hey White People” campaign. That video showed African American youths from Ferguson talking frankly about race and was criticized for putting adult words in the mouths of kids and for exploiting the Ferguson situation for profit.

The organization that the campaign was intended to promote, Race Forward, said it would not accept any donations from the sale of the shirt.

Leave your comments below on whether the princesses in the new video are speaking the truth, or being exploited.