Today in Tabs: Starring Peter Lorre, For No Reason

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Today in Tabs: Starring Peter Lorre, For No Reason
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Yesterday I linked briefly to YA writer Kathleen Hale’s Guardian tab. I didn’t really dig into it much but there was SO! MUCH! MORE! It turns out, Hale has kind of a history of making her own regrettable choices into fodder for her #personalbrand, including the time 14-year-old Hale poured hydrogen peroxide on a girl who had accused her mother of molestation two years earlier, and the time she tattooed a soon-to-be-ex friend’s name on her head. In response, the bookternet tapped into the National Strategic Dudgeon Reserve for blog posts and open letters featuring words only used by vaudevillians and angry book bloggers, such as “scurrilous” and “quell.”


Of course, the Takes were Hot. In The Bustle, Caitlin White suggests a sort of Camp David summit for book bloggers: “Perhaps we need a safe, regulated online space where authors and bloggers can speak without feeling threatened, supported by a neutral mediator.” We’ll get Jimmy Carter right on that, as soon as we decide on the shape of the table. Jezebel’s Erin Gloria Ryan sympathizes with Hale but not quite enough. Michelle Dean situates Hale in the pantheon of other bratty authors, like Hemingway and Richard Ford. And Miles Klee joins Team Nobody, ultimately pointing out thatWhatever the damage, both emerge better-known—more liable to be heard, as Hale describes their mutual desire—with a new posse of fans in their corner.Haley Mlotek weighs in on Kathleen Hale’s side, in defense of everyone’s right to tell their own story, even when it is unsavory or makes them look bad. Even when it legitimately is bad.

My Take: if Hale had been a man with a camera crew when she went to the reviewer’s house, instead of a woman alone, she’d have gotten a TV show. And if her actions made the internet feel a little less safe for anonymous assholes, I’m pretty ok with that too.

Please do not pass up this opportunity to let Darius Kazemi tell you how he won the lottery, and how you can too! All it takes is some hard work, and a supportive community of fellow Makers. Don’t suffer another dark winter of ebola poverty.

Renée Zellweger looks different than she did a decade ago, and people sure do have opinions about it! Anne Helen Petersen has interesting things to say about why.

Hamilton Trollan’ accuses stubble groomers of having “low moral character,” asserts that they will never “sweep the bosses and their lackeys clean from this ‘burg,” then throws his hat in the ring for Governor.

Kevin Roose discovers that stereotypes are not infallibly true. Natasha Lennard on The Great Pumpkin Riot, Charlie Brown. Don’t miss the Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon which I promise is the only hackathon I will ever earnestly promote. The Manhattan Devil’s Puckerscrape is gone. Olivia Taters takes a look at the upcoming elections. How to create good Unix tools. Man mansplains mansplaining. This profile of Cameron Diaz is definitely by a cool, hip writer who has had sex. Probably, you know, more than once. “She takes in my finger tattoos carefully. My knuckles read DELEUZE.” Have some Maine Halloween costumes. Right, left, only agree on hating Buzzfeed


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This is better than the time that dude threw a shoe at Bush #2.

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