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There’s No Vaccine For This Terrible Child Killer, There’s Only You

A new PSA for UNICEF illustrates how there’s no easy prescription for a worldwide problem, so it’s up to all of us to act.

Children all over the world are dying from diseases like measles, polio and malaria, but thankfully there are vaccines and preventative measures for these killers if we can get them in the right hands. But another threat isn’t so easily treated.

According to a UNICEF UK report, up to 345 people under age 20 die every day over the next year if more isn’t done to stem the violence. The study says El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Lesotho and Venezuela have the highest child murder rates, and that more than 75% of child deaths due to violence are a result of interpersonal violence, rather than war.

This new UNICEF PSA by agency Don’t Panic London and director Jonathan Pearson imagines for a moment that there was a prescription to solve this problem, before sadly fading back to reality.

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