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Things Get Violently “Simpsons”-Like In Girl Talk’s New Video

The mash-up artist-turned-beatmaker has a new animated music video, featuring shotgun-toting youngsters who look suspiciously like Bart Simpson and Milhouse.

Parody laws work in mysterious ways, but you might want to watch Girl Talk’s infringement-astic new video sooner than later, while you still can.

“Suicide (Remix)” is the latest video to come from the collaboration between mash-up artist-turned-beatmaker Girl Talk and journeyman rapper Freeway. In it, artist Lisa Ramsey unleashes a violent stream of animated mayhem that was clearly, ahem, inspired by The Simpsons. The colorful pastiche puts shotgun-toting Bart Simpson and Milhouse van Houten on skateboards–and the skateboards themselves are about as far as the faithfulness goes. By the time a fully grown and blessed out Lisa makes the scene, sway-dancing while puffing on a joint–it’s clear that we’re worlds away from Springfield. Still, it’s mandatory viewing for anyone who has ever wanted to see the sailboat painting from the Simpsons’ living room attain sentence and spit bars.

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