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There’s Only One Thing Worse Than Your Favorite Team Losing… And This KFC Ad Charmingly Depicts It

Full Monty director Peter Cattaneo shows another side to a Scottish soccer rivalry.

Sport is a funny thing. For something created for recreational purposes, it has evolved into religion, politics and the human experience all in one game. People invest so much time and passion into their favorite teams, it can ruin your day if your team loses.

KFC and agency BBH London take a look at one example of this phenomenon by following two young fans of rival Scottish soccer teams Sterling Albion and Dunfermline. The ad, directed by Peter Cattaneo (Full Monty), was shot on a real match day, with real fans, and even the two young protagonists were cast from local soccer academies.

We won’t spoil the ending, but despite the hard sell for something called a “brownie bucket,” it’s a charming spot in a world were soccer rivalries too often get way out of hand.

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