Watch Food Experts Go Gaga For Organic Fast Food That Is Really Just McDonald’s

How much people enjoy food is about a lot more than its taste. That’s why if you tell someone wine is really expensive, they will like it more. So it’s no surprise that when people are told that they’re eating a new, organic alternative to fast food, they’re going to enjoy every bite.

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That said, it’s still embarrassing for anyone–especially food experts at a Dutch food convention–to chow down on a McNugget and say that they like it because it tastes so “pure.” And that’s exactly what happens in this video, when two Dutch pranksters from a series called Lifehunters cut up some offerings from the Golden Arches and ask convention attendees for their opinions.

The first lesson is, of course, that McDonald’s is delicious. Anyone working to try to get people to eat food that is better for you than McDonald’s certainly won’t get far if they don’t admit that. But the second lesson is that people (even “experts”!) are gullible and taste with their brains more than their mouths: They will like what you tell them to like. Perhaps the next step is to tell people that healthy food is actually delicious, greasy junk food, and see what happens?MC