YouTubers Go To Panem In New “Hunger Games” Miniseries For Mockingjay Part 1

The marketing machine behind the blockbuster Hunger Games series has joined forces with Google’s Art, Copy & Code project to combine the power of Youtubers with the fictional world of Panem and the upcoming film Mockingjay: Part 1.

A new five-part mini-series called District Voices , directed by Ben Tricklebank, is launching on YouTube and Capitol TV, with Youtubers becoming loyal citizens of Panem to give viewers a tour of the fictional country’s five districts. First, the DIY masters of Threadbanger are in District 8 to show how utility meets beauty, as well as a new way to wear Capitol pride. In episode two, District 2’s Shane Fazen of fightTIPS illustrates how country’s noble peacekeepers stay in tip-top shape. Veritasium’s Derek Muller–now from District 5–shows off a new way to generate electricity in episode three. For episode four, Feast of Fiction gives tips on how to bake one of Peeta’s favorite treats. To wrap things up, District 6’s iJustine, gives an exclusive look at the Capitol’s peacekeeper vehicles in action.

It’s a cool idea that combines a movie with huge Hollywood names with the growing power of these digital creators. The Youtubers featured in District Voices have a combined base of over 4.9 million subscribers and more than 550 million video views.

With it, Google is clearly touting the clout of its creators, telling marketers, to paraphrase Panem officials, “Love your labor. Take pride in your task. Your future is in our hands.”JB