Smart Move, Snapchat: First Sponsored Post Is A Movie Trailer For “Ouija”

We’ve seen how brands have been using Snapchat to attract and entertain a growing and valuable audience, and been schooled on how the social app is killing Facebook among young people. But now Snapchat has joined the likes of Facebook and Twitter into the murky territory of the sponsored post. Its first was a 20-second trailer for Universal Pictures’ new horror movie Ouija.

Universal has already gone the experiential stunt route for this film, and considering the movie’s about a bunch of young people getting the batsh*t scared out of them by a possessed board game, it makes sense to market it where the youngs are. Namely, Snapchat.

For the app, who announced last week it was taking the plunge “to make money,” there isn’t a better kind of first sponsored post–movie trailers are mostly fun, not very long and the most consistently entertaining kind of interruptive advertising. The ad popped up in users’ “Recent Updates” giving people the choice whether or not to watch it, and disappears after it’s viewed or within 24 hours.

In its blog post, Snapchat wrote that getting into the sponsored space was “going to feel a little weird at first,” but by going with a trailer over, say, a targeted shampoo ad, the app is easing people into the idea instead of scaring them away.JB