Watch These Glass Animals Morph And Decompose Right Before Your Eyes

Some things in life seem completely different if you look at them from a fresh perspective. With these glass sculptures, however, there’s no ‘seeming’ about it–observe from another angle and you’ll see a whole new animal, or a whole new level of body chemistry.

Austria-based artist Thomas Medicus has created a bizarre new piece called Emulsifier, made up of glass panes that change and realign with every rotation. The glass sculpture was built with 160 strips of painted glass that form images meant to be seen from specific vantages. Look from the wrong angle and you’ll see Rorschach-like visual gibberish. Observe at the intended rotation, though, and you will see either a bird or a fish, and it will be either whole or decomposing. It’s an artistic sleight-of-hand seen perhaps most recently in this Vine from Avery Monsen. The elegance of Medicus’s shifting imagery, however, seems like an evolutionary leap from previous attempts.

Have a closer look at Emulsifier in the slides above.

[h/t to Colossal]JB