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This Brand App Gives Kids Spooky Halloween Voices

Sainsbury’s creates an app that will give voice to anyone’s inner ghoul.

This Brand App Gives Kids Spooky Halloween Voices

Halloween is just around the corner and kids all over the world are already busy plotting and scheming their elaborate scary costume strategies. Demons, ghouls, ghosts, vampires, zombies, Elsa from Frozen, all the hits will be going door to door this year. Problem is, for all the creative make-up, wardrobe and parent-bragging on Facebook, kids just aren’t all that scary. You can have the gnarliest, Freddy Krueger face but if you’re still three feet tall and talk with a squeaky elf voice, no one is jumping out of their skin terrified of you.

But U.K. grocery store chain Sainsbury’s is hoping to help with that by working with agency AnalogFolk London on a new app called Spooky Speaker. Kids can record phrases through the app and play them back through the voice distortion as a witch, Frankenstein, pirate, vampire, skeleton, or zombie. It’s like the Hilarious House of Frankenstein right in your hand.

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