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Pet Week

Vote For America's Next Top Office Dog

Who will be #TOPDOG?

UPDATE: VOTING IS OVER. A new link will magically appear for Friday's run-off soon!

For the past few weeks, Fast Company has been collecting entries for America's Next Top Office Dog (ANTOD)—#TopDog, for short. Over 300 amazing dogs were entered; we love all of them, although some cuts had to be made for space reasons (or duplicate submissions from the same office or obvious PR pitches appended to #topdog pictures).

So if you don't see your #TopDog here, we are sorry. There's always next year.

Okay, onto the voting rules. There are six groups—Dapper Dogs, Face of the Company, Hardworking, Hardly Working, Entry Level, and More to Love.

In every group, you get three votes. Choose wisely. Hype your favorites on social media. The dogs with the most votes, win. (And don't forget to hit the "submit your vote" button on top and bottom of post to have your choices logged.)

On Friday morning, we will announce the winners of those groups. Like any dog show, there will be a best in show—the #TopDog—selected from that pool of five best-of-group winners. Please remember to vote on Friday!

By 5 p.m., we will have our winner. One office dog to rule them all!

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