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Looks Like Nicolas Cage Is “CIA Nicolas Cage” In Potentially Watchable New Movie

It’s a safe bet that every single Nicolas Cage movie in a three-year radius will be an unsafe bet. His latest looks maybe sort of interesting possibly.

At this point, you could be forgiven for counting out Cage.

What has Academy Award-winning hair-haver Nicolas Cage done for us lately? A string of duds with mostly one-word titles that will register as total surprises to most, like Outcast, Rage, Joe, Stolen, and Trespass. (Although to be fair, Joe is rumored to be solid–and I say that as a fan of director David Gordon Green, and not merely my own given name.) While a Cage comeback (a Cageback?) doesn’t appear to be on the horizon just yet, the trailer for his latest movie looks as though it might at least possess shades of watchability.

“There are two kinds of people in this world,” a breathy Cage voiceover narration intones at the outset of Dying Of The Light. “Men of action, and everybody else.” Before the word ‘yikes!’ can leave your lips, however, you’ll see that our hero plays a torture-rattled CIA head who is out to destroy a hot target who may no longer exist. Back on board! Maybe! Dying of the Light was written and directed by Paul Schrader, who teamed up with Martin Scorsese for early masterpieces like Raging Bull and Taxi Driver (yay!) before eventually teaming up with Lindsay Lohan for The Canyons (dear God!) The new film also has Drive director Nicholas Winding Refn on board as executive producer, though, so perhaps there will be even doses of ennui and splatter. Like almost everything Nic Cage touches in this uncertain world: it could go either way.

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