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“The Walking Drunk” Reveals Similarities Between The Zonked And The Zombies

This short video inserts real footage of drunk people attempting to walk inside the credits of The Walking Dead and doesn’t miss a beat.

It seems like the point of The Walking Dead and, well, pretty much every zombie entertainment is that some people are worse than zombies. As a new video points out, though, a lot of people are definitely worse than zombies at walking, and they’re called: drunks.

Created by YouTubers MarcaBlanca, The Walking Drunk intersperses footage of actual drunk people attempting to walk throughout the opening credits of AMC’s mega-hit show about the zombie apocalypse. Some of the people are being secretly taped by surveillance cameras, attempting to navigate a shadowy staircase and the inside of a store–locations that have been home to many a zombie throughout cinematic history. At least one dude sort of knows he’s being taped by his awful friends, however, and while his walk is in keeping with that of a zombie, he still has the capacity to grin like an idiot. Point: humanity.

[h/t to Tastefully Offensive]

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