Productivity Hack Of The Week: Give Your Day A Theme To Regain Focus

Imagine running two major companies at the same time–that takes a lot of focus. Twitter and Square’s Jack Dorsey did it with this trick.

Productivity Hack Of The Week: Give Your Day A Theme To Regain Focus
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Distractions and interruptions happen throughout the day–it’s an inevitable part of life–but being able to quickly refocus and get back on task is the key to a productive workday.


In 2011, when Jack Dorsey was running Twitter and Square full-time–at the time he worked about 8 hours for each company a day–the cofounder spoke at Techonomy 2011 about how he got it all done.

His simple yet brilliant tip is allotting a theme to each workday. This, he said, allowed him to quickly recall and refocus on the day’s task once the distraction was out of the way. Here’s what his schedule looked like:

Monday: Focus on management and running the company
Tuesday: Focus on product
Wednesday: Focus on marketing and communications and growth
Thursday: Focus on developers and partnerships
Friday: Focus on the company and the culture and recruiting
Saturday: Take day off to hike
Sunday: Focus on reflections, feedback, strategy, and getting ready for the rest of the week

“There is interruption all the time, but I can quickly deal with an interruption and then know that it’s Tuesday, I have product meetings, and I need to focus on product stuff,” he explained.

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