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Watch It: This Basketball Bounces Through 24 Of Your Favorite Movies

In a new video from HOTU studio, a basketballer misses a shot only to find the ball transported into memorable scenes from movies spanning all genres.

Watch It: This Basketball Bounces Through 24 Of Your Favorite Movies

Some movies, like Happy Gilmore, feature climactic sports scenes that hinge upon insane, impossible trick shots. It’s only fitting, then, that a group of filmmakers has just filmed the greatest trick shot of all time–using scenes from classic movies, and also Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

Created by HOTU Studio, the short film 87 Bounces features a mustachio’d man visiting a basketball court and tossing up a huge airball that goes on to big things. After pathetically flying past the rim and backboard, the ball finds itself seamlessly interwoven into footage from 24 films. Apparently, this ball has a mind of its own, and that mind is obsessed with recent cinema history.

Some of the scenes reproduced here are ones that have a ball in them, like The Big Lebowki’s bowling ball or Shaolin Soccer’s you-know-what. Other times, the ball is inserted into scenes where a random object destroys a room, like Flubber and Men in Black. And then, of course, sometimes the creators simply insert a basketball into a scene where the intrusion is incongruous and funny, like Henry Hill’s denouement in Goodfellas. Does the ball eventually make it into the original hoop? Well, let’s just say this video has a typical Hollywood ending.

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