Burger King Gets Fried For A Bad Billy Eichner Impression

As a rule, having a major celebrity tell his more than 2 million Twitter followers that your product gives him diarrhea is never a good thing. Welcome to Burger King’s world.

Seth Rogen was coming to fellow comedian Billy Eichner’s defense, after Eichner accused the fast-feeder of ripping off his act for a decidedly unfunny spot for chicken nuggets. Eichner, who is known for his madcap FunnyOrDie series Billy on the Street, and who had his profile boost during a funny segment during the Emmys with host Seth Myers, was not amused.

To make things even worse for BK, its nemesis and rival McDonald’s got in on the action.

Look, ads are notorious for stealing, er, being inspired by already proven comedic devices and ideas. They rip off movies, TV, even other ads. But hell hath no fury like a comedian scorned and in the age of Twitter you at least better make that imitation joke funny.

Burger King PR would not comment on the incident, and the marketer’s main agency hasn’t replied to requests for comments, but chances are they’re too busy trying to duck all the insults getting tossed on the grill.