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“Share a Meal” To Help Unilever and Feeding America Combat Child Hunger

Sixteen million American kids are hungry. Unilever has helped create a film, and a platform, to raise awareness and spur action.

One in five American children are food insecure–enough to fill 18,000 school buses and 223 football stadiums. These kids may look no different than your own children, but they often go to bed hungry and wake up the next morning uncertain about whether their parents can provide breakfast.

To raise awareness about the “new face of hunger”–which isn’t really new, just unfamiliar to most of us–Unilever’s Project Sunlight has partnered with Feeding America, the country’s largest network of food banks. Their initiative is called “Share a Meal,” and it provides strategies for providing food, assistance and financial support to hungry children around the country. Through the online portal, you can read about a day in the life of a food insecure child, use your social media platforms to launch a virtual food drive, share meals with families in your neighborhood, or partner with your local food bank. The Share a Meal toolkit provides all the information you need to get started. There’s also a new PSA, “Going to Bed Hungry.” Directed by filmmaker Patrick Creadon (Wordplay), the documentary short tells the stories of American families who are struggling to put food on the table.

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