Today in Tabs: Hawk vs. Drone

It’s pretty much the weekend. Has the tab kicked in yet?

Today in Tabs: Hawk vs. Drone
[Photo: Flickr user Lima Pix]

Obama in Medium: “History has dubbed you the ‘Millennials.'” ◉ “…just another doggone tab.” –Tom Scocca ◉ “As public unease mounts, the Republicans are positioning themselves as Ebola hawks, and the Democrats risk being caricatured as doves.” I can’t even ◉ Supreme Court still making heavy use of the adverb “conservatively,” I’m sorry to say ◉ Police report on Palin family brawl inexplicably omits the phrase “trash-stank”


Having finally murdered local retail, Amazon opens a storeHoodie vs hoodie ◉ In the battle between Uber‘s office vs. Lyft‘s office, I’m in a corner vomiting forever ◉ BLARPing: Business role play, or as I call it, “work” ◉ Yeah let’s stop ebola with apps and a hackathon, good plan cool idea ◉ Third-party snapchat image saving service hacked, lots more terrible stolen nudes coming soon ◉ Emily Books: This is not a startup story ◉ Lol d bags

Pinkwashing, NFL style ◉ Katy Perry and the Superbowl deserve each other ◉ “…the purpose of this website is not to enforce the NCAA’s insane bylaws. On the contrary, we’re all for players making money, and are thus editorially supportive of those bylaws’ erosion.” Bless you, Sportsblog Nation ◉ Put away your 3-goggles in Rio, gents

Instant karma‘s gonna get you ◉ “Audience murmurs suggested confusion and displeasure…” ◉ “Was inarticulate re how women should ask for raise,” Nadella inarticulately clarifies ◉ “I answered that question completely wrong,” clarifies the clarification ◉ So much for the alliance ◉ “The system has always been rigged,” –Nitasha TikuSocial media vs. Women, Catherine Buni and Soraya Chemaly lay it all out in the Atlantic

PEAK CAUCASITY ACHIEVED, via Desus ◉ The best bots on Twittertilde.arcade: games on tilde.clubThis is wrong hugs are awesome ◉ Brunch on the other hand, is definitely for jerks ◉ Mind you Adrian Chen said that four years ago ◉ Ugh maybe we should be giving Wikipedia money ◉ It’s always sweater weather in Twin Peaks ◉ The best part is when Tiny Tim throws down his crutch in triumph ◉ Shop the S H A D E

Not to get super meta, but I love newsletters. They’re like presents: They don’t come too often, and sometimes contain the unexpected—which may or may not be in your size. I suspect this is because you usually have to choose to receive them.

As you may have noticed, the email newsletter is having a moment; I see it as a reaction to the web’s glut of impersonal information. Inboxes are intimate these days. Opening yours to someone’s—possibly garbled, possibly very personal—thoughts feels real.

Which brings me to my tab: Kevin’s TinyLetterTinyKevin?—is a quiet, introspective meditation that goes out every Friday and discusses whatever’s on his mind. Today’s issue deals with headphones. It’s a thoughtful gift.

Regular-sized Kevin


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