Spy Tricks, Tough Talks, And Micro-Aggressions: This Week’s Most Popular Leadership Stories

Snap out of your daydream, and get busy addressing your unconscious biases, organizing your notes for a long overdue conversation, and spying–or, we mean, networking–with those hard-to-get contacts.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of October 6.

12 Tech Tools Productivity Experts Can’t Live Without

We asked 10 masters of productivity what they use every day to stay organized. From sticky notes inside their phones to noisemakers and time-logs, these apps keep them moving.

5 Networking Secrets From A Professional Spy

You won’t need a shoe phone or a pair of binoculars for this style of investigative networking, but some light stalking and interrogation is required. A private investigator shares his trade tricks for getting the most out of your key contacts.

You’re More Biased Than You Think

We all have a few unconscious biases. That doesn’t make them acceptable–at work, especially, when your snap judgments could put someone else’s career on the line. Here’s how to weed out your own microaggressions, and end them for good.

Why Dreaming About The Future Makes You Less Likely To Achieve Your Goals

There’s a time for envisioning a better future, and a time to get down to work. With the “WOOP” (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle and Plan) method, turn your big dreams into real goals.

5 Strategies To Prepare For A Difficult Conversation At Work

“We need to talk.” Just imagining saying–or hearing–that sentence might make your palms sweat. The “feedback sandwich” won’t get you through truly tough confrontations. Preparing with these five steps might make it go more smoothly.