Harrison Ford Gets Mad, Sarah Silverman Gets A Penis, And A 12-Year-Old Norwegian Gets Married: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

The BBC gets pop stars to cover the Beach Boys, some idiots Rock the Vote, Harrison Ford is the ocean, a child bride in Norway gets attention for a global issue, and Sarah Silverman makes a trade for equal pay.

Harrison Ford Gets Mad, Sarah Silverman Gets A Penis, And A 12-Year-Old Norwegian Gets Married: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

When Julia Roberts is scolding you, you better damn well listen. Not intimidating enough? Okay, well how about Harrison Ford growling at you about the very survival of the human race? Still not enough? Well, maybe Kevin Spacey’s dry sarcasm will put you in line. They’re all delivering a decidedly non-victim-y message on behalf of the planet and Conservation International.


For the new “Nature is Speaking” campaign, Apple ad legend Lee Clow and TBWA/Media Arts Lab attached celebrities to certain natural elements to get across the sobering message that nature doesn’t need us as much as we need nature. It’s an approach Clow told Co.Create he hopes can break through the partisan noise surrounding most environmental issues. “Nature will be here long after us, so the idea that we can fix nature is I think kind of preposterous,” said Clow. “But the idea that we desperately need nature and we better be the best stewards we can be because of that, might be a more democratic and all-inclusive appeal. As opposed to right versus left, corporations versus ecologists, this is about the human race versus extinction.”

Read more below about that campaign and the rest of our picks for this week’s best in brand creativity.

The National Women’s Law Center “Sarah Silverman Closes The Gap”

What: To raise awareness and money for The Equal Pay Project, the comedian does the best thing she could possibly do to make sure she gets paid like a man.
Who: The National Women’s Law Center, Droga5 New York
Why We Care: Sarah Silverman just has a knack for distilling serious issues down to some fundamental truths that incidentally may make you laugh your ass off. A plea to help contribute to the largest fundraising effort in history–$29 billion–could come off preachy or, even worse, boring. Silverman is neither and the cause is better off for it.

Conservation International “Nature is Speaking”

What: Celebrities like Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, Ed Norton, Kevin Spacey, and others become elements of nature to tell us that we need them more than nature needs us.
Who: Conservation International, TBWA/Media Arts Lab
Why We Care: A refreshing take on a long-standing issue. By framing the campaign around the choice between our own (not nature’s) destruction or survival, it aims to break through the partisan noise pollution so often surrounding discussions and actions on the environment.

Plan Norway “Stop the Wedding”

What: An engaging and shocking campaign that uses an unexpected (blonde) actor to raise awareness about the 39,000 underage girls around the world who are forced into marriages every day.
Who: Plan Norway
Why We Care: In the same way “Most Shocking Second a Day Video” put global conflicts in a Western context, this campaign for children’s rights uses the unfortunate fact that some people are more likely to pay attention to a victim that looks like them, to put the consequences of this tragic issue in perspective.

Rock the Vote “#CareLikeCrazy”

What: Heading into the U.S. mid-term elections, this new campaign goes to extremes to convince young people it’s worth their time to hit the ballot box.
Who: Rock the Vote, Goodby Silverstein & Partners New York
Why We Care: Who better to convince the 77% of young people not planning to vote to hit the ballot box than some other choice eligible voters who, among other things, don’t want a bunch of “kids whining about their student loans” ruining their business, and don’t see the point of environmental issues since “the end of the world is coming and everything will be engulfed in flames”? Yikes.


BBC Music “God Only Knows”

What: Pharrell, Elton John, Lorde, Stevie Wonder, One Direction, Jake Bugg and a “We Are the World“-sized choir of other pop stars collaborate on a Beach Boys cover to promote the launch of the beeb’s new music programming.
Who: BBC Music, agency Karmarama
Why We Care: Hey, we’re just suckers for anything that treats contemporary music like a very special episode of the Super Friends.


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