Google Wants You To Visit California’s State Parks

Google Wants You To Visit California’s State Parks
Mt Tamalpais State Park [Photo: Flickr user Michael Fraley]

Google has partnered with California’s Department of Parks and Recreation to create online maps of trails and virtual tours to entice visitors to state parks.

Three months ago, Google workers began hiking through 14 California parks with 40-pound Google Trekker backpacks. The custom backpacks have 360-degree, 15-lens cameras mounted on them to capture immersive views of California, including Big Sur’s redwoods and San Francisco’s beaches. The scenes will be added to Google Street View.

Mt Tamalpais State Park

“Our goal is to create the most comprehensive and accurate and useful map as possible,” Deanna Yick, a program manager for Google Maps, told the Los Angeles Times. “When the road ends, it doesn’t mean there isn’t more to explore.”

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