Sarah Silverman Trades Her Vagina For A Shot At Equal Pay

Right now in the year 2014 you can have a video conversation with a friend in another part of the world while you’re walking down the street. Self-driving cars exist. We can make meat in a lab. If we can do all that, it’s a bit strange to think that the average working woman still only makes 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. Over the course of a career, that difference can add up to women losing out on more than $439,000 each, just for not being a man.

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Sarah Silverman has decided to not only be the spokesperson for this new campaign for equal pay advocacy through the National Women’s Law Center and agency Droga5, she’s also making some changes to personally close the wage gap. Namely, getting a penis.

In this new video, Silverman goes dong shopping as she explains the ins and outs of the Equal Pay Project. Seeing as there’s nearly 69 million women working year-round for about 40 years, the total in lost wages comes to almost $30 trillion. And so this campaign has set its fundraising goal at a less-than modest $29,811,746,430,000.

Whether encouraging Jewish senior citizens to vote for Obama, making indecent proposals to billionaires, or just hanging out with Jesus to chat about reproductive rights, Silverman is a master at breaking down serious issues while making you laugh your ass off for a cause. This new campaign is no exception. You may never think of sourdough bread the same way again.JB