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Would Your Kid Choose You From A Parent Orphanage?

Fragile Childhood is back with another affecting alcohol abuse PSA.

Ask any five-year-old what makes a perfect parent and you’re likely to get an answer that includes no bedtimes, unlimited TV, wearing pajamas to school, a unicorn, a T-Rex, Iron Man, and the ability to pilot a hovercraft. But really, most kids would take parents who just show up, and have their stuff even remotely together.

This new PSA from Fragile Childhood in Finland imagines an adult orphanage, where children come to choose their parents. Big surprise here, no kid actually wants an abusive drunk for a mom or dad but too many are stuck with just that. The organization’s research has shown that one in four Finnish children have suffered some harm because of parent’s alcohol use.

Last time, it was about the very real monster you can become to your child when you’re drunk. Here, agency Havas Worldwide Helsinki is similarly affecting, forcing us to watch a brother and sister bypass perfectly suitable potential parents for their unfortunate reality.

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