10 Inspiring Personalities Who You Should Follow On Twitter

Filling your feed with inspiring content is like surrounding yourself with the right people. We’re giving these tweets a fave.

10 Inspiring Personalities Who You Should Follow On Twitter
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Twitter can be an overwhelming place.


But even once you’ve mastered your skills our guides on maximizing Twitter reach, finding more followers, retweets, and clicks, you still need to build your list of smart people to follow.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration in your daily life, or trying to find your voice online, these tweets give us teachable, personable gems among the Internet din.

Soraya Chemaly (@schemaly)

Chemaly has written about gender in politics, media, and society for the Guardian, CNN, TIME, the Nation and more. Many of her tweets give pause–and as a journalist on gender, race, and politics, the knack for finding new angles shows in her social media presence.

John Maeda (@johnmaeda)

The former president of the Rhode Island School of Design brings together art and computer science. Now a design partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Maeda champions the intersection of STEM and art. Follow him if you like your tech tempered with artistic insights.


Jill Filipovic (@JillFilipovic)

A scroll through lawyer and senior Cosmopolitan political writer Jill Filopovic’s feed will have you cheering “You tell ’em!” when she takes on the trolls. She tweets about gender equality, reproductive rights, and current events.

Caterina Fake (@Caterina)

The cofounder of Flickr is also a mom (“You aren’t my sunshine” she tweets on behalf of her angry four-year-old), and has a lot to say about subjects ranging from feminism to art and tech.

Andrew Bachelor (@KingBach)

Among the memes and pizza emoji, viral Vine celebrity King Bach tweets poignant motivational gems. Followers are laughing out loud one moment, and thinking about their life’s purpose the next. He made Fast Company’s MCP list for packing smart hilarity into six-second videos, and earning millions of followers along the way.


Simon Sinek (@simonsinek)

This author and leadership expert won’t fill your feed with self-promotion, but shares engaging thoughts and quotes. Sinek’s latest TED talk on leadership is also worth a listen.

Imani Perry (@ImaniPerry)

As a professor at Princeton Center for African American Studies, Perry delivers hard-to-verbalize thoughts with grace, mixed with an occasional peek into her personal life.

Beth Comstock (@bethcomstock)

Comstock uses Twitter mainly for curation of articles on science, health, and technology. The CMO of GE has mastered the service-tweet, sharing what she’s reading and finds fascinating around the Internet.


Jeanette Jenkins (@JenetteJenkins)

If you’re scrolling through Twitter in bed instead of getting up for a pre-work run, Jenkins is your personal pep-talker–who also happens to be a celebrity fitness trainer.

Kid President (@iamkidpresident)

When you’re feeling jaded, Kid President gives a shot of innocence, fun, and poignance. The video series and website started in 2012 and is run by Brad Montague and his 10-year-old brother-in-law Robby, Kid President’s only campaigning agenda is to spread a little joy, and the occasional kick in the pants.

BONUS FOLLOWS: @DennysDiner, @TacoBell, @Oreo

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own Twitter presence, these brands are doing it right. You probably won’t find any motivational quotes or deep thoughts on leadership from pancakes, cookies, or taco, but they’re tweeting master classes of honing a “voice” online.



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