Death To Corporate Speak! Why You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Parlance

At the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream chain, small, medium, and large has become: “like it,” “love it,” and “gotta have it.”

Paging George Orwell, please report these people immediately! Words matter, you see. And just this week, corporate word abuse was taken to a new, even more insidious level. As Fast Company senior editor Jason Feifer notes in this week’s episode of The 29th Floor, yogurt slingers Chobani and a consultant named Dov Seidman are battling in court over who owns the word “How.”

Why? Exactly! But wait, there’s more!

Brands are trying their hardest to rewire the way you speak–renaming products, what we call ourselves at work, and even how we think about ourselves as customers. And you shouldn’t play along. Jason tells you why in the above video. You’ll never order your Starbucks coffee the same way again.