Adorable Meets Evil In This Kid-Focused Prank For Skylanders

Advertising pranks and marketing stunts have gone a long way to show us just how easy it is to convince people, even if just for a few seconds, that something clearly impossible may just be possible. Not only possible, but capable of scaring the sweet living sh*t out you.

Now, if they can pull that off on full-grown adults, just imagine the prankvertising possibilities when it comes to kids. Children are, as any parent can tell you, totally, totally gullible. They believe things like a big fat man with a white beard breaks into the house in the dead of winter to deliver presents. Or that a giant rabbit hides chocolate eggs all over the house. Or that their dad is literally the smartest person in the world.

Activision and agency 72andSunny know this, so to help promote the new Skylanders Trap Team video game for kids–in which players can “trap” the villains–they made Adam Carolla one such trapped villain and put him in a local Toys”R”Us.

Directed by Jeff Tremaine (of the Jackass empire), Carolla cheerfully chirps kids of all sizes, everyone of which looks pretty convinced this toy is really talking to them. The kids’ reactions are funny and sweet, and almost as entertaining as adults fearing imminent death from beyond the grave.JB