Watch This Eye-Popping Stunt For “Ouija” Horror Movie Scare The Hell Out Of People

By now, someone should probably just make a horror movie about a marketing prank gone wrong.

As a quarter century of America’s Funniest Home Videos have taught us, just because something happens over and over, doesn’t mean it can’t still be funny. In AFV’s case, it’s Dads getting hit in the crotch. In prankvertising, it’s watching people get scared out of their minds.

Earlier this year, Thinkmodo hit viral gold for Devil’s Due by taking to the streets of NYC with a screeching devil baby. Now the agency is back at it for Universal’s upcoming film Ouija, luring unsuspecting passersby into a fake psychic storefront with the promise of a free reading. What they get instead is some bug-eyed panic and a potential demon attack.

Sure, prankvertising may be getting a bit out of hand and perhaps it’s just a matter of time before someone gets hurt (in the cases where the “victims” aren’t in on it, which seem to be getting rarer), but in the hands of experts like Thinkmodo it’s still scary funny.JB