Glimpsing A Future Where Man And Machine Are Closer Than Ever

In these humorous photos by French-African photographer Vincent Fournier, humans and robots live together almost as equals. Machines are no longer something we control and put away when we’re finished with them. They sit on sofas, shoot baskets, and dance around the room.

The series, called The Man Machine, was shot at advanced robotics facilities in Japan and Spain. Fournier says the situations “suggest an empathy with the robot as well as a certain [remoteness}.” Indeed, it seems the humans and robots are right at home with another, and yet still years apart.

Fournier has a new exhibit of the photographs at the Ravestijn Gallery, in Amsterdam. The photos were originally published in the book Past Forward.

Fournier told Slate he likes “the fact that when you look at my pictures you have no clue if they are true or not, or how and when they have been done.”

The images are both a realistic glimpse into the future, and a purely fictitious version of what we imagine the future should look like, but probably won’t.BS