NBA Star James Harden Challenges The Internet To a Game Of HORSE

In basketball, trick shots can be the great equalizer. You may not be able to take a pass in the post and cut to the net like a pro, but you might just be able to knock back a reverse one-hander from center court like one.

Houston Rockets star James Harden has proven he’s up for just about anything when it comes to Footlocker ads and here he’s tasked by the brand and agency BBDO New York with taking on the entire Internet in a game of HORSE.

Fans were invited to submit short videos of their craziest and most creative shots through Twitter and Instagram to @footlocker with #horsewithharden. On October 1, Harden took on some of the best shots while fans could watch it all online over the course of several hours.

A seasoned pro, Harden beat the Internet two games to one but not before showing that it’s a good thing sit-down shots and reverse between-the-legs aren’t too common in the NBA. Their man won the HORSE, but Footlocker certainly wins the brand game by taking a personable pro and not only finding a way to meet the fans where they are online, but using it to celebrate their hours and hours spent in driveways, parks, and gyms shooting hoops.JB