Casey Neistat Makes A Fun Video Summary Of Why Snapchat Is Killing Facebook

The debate over the most popular and effective social media platform could seemingly last for days, but Casey Neistat has boiled down his own argument for Snapchat in about five minutes. His latest video gives us with a brief history of social media using clips from American Psycho, Good Fellas, and Kill Bill, until we meet Snapchat dressed up as Walter White.

Using interviews with young people about their social habits, and particularly the impact of Snapchat’s Stories feature, Neistata makes a strong case for the app’s overall growth and influence. When it comes to figuring out video on mobile, Neistat says nobody’s been able to figure it out because it’s not about just sharing a moving image, but rather giving people an easy way to tell a story. One of Snapchat’s strength is its ephemeral quality, which creates a sense of urgency that according to Neistat, fuels an almost compulsive need to post more.

In a scene designed to show the power of the platform, Neistat and social star Jerome Jarre are able to gather a huge crowd of people in NYC’s Union Square with one simple snap.

Neistat says another aspect of Snapchat that young people like is that there are no comments or likes, just the content and then–poof!–it’s gone.JB