Prioritizing Tricks, The Busy Lie, & Timing Breaks: September’s Most Popular Leadership Stories

Work got personal in September, looking at our spouse’s personalities, the illusion of our downtime, and childhood memories from teachers.


Last month, we daydreamed about adult summer camp, learned the best times to post our social media quips, and tried (and sort of failed) to break our days down into a science.


Here are the stories you loved, for the month of September.

The Exact Amount Of Time You Should Work Every Day

Get out your stopwatch: Working for stretches of time split up by short breaks is shown to improve focus, energy, and productivity. We put this one to the test, and while it didn’t work out exactly as planned, a reminder to get up from your desk more often is a good habit even if you don’t do it for exactly 17 minutes.

4 Odd Yet Effective Ways The Smartest People Prioritize Their Days

Dwelling on our own mortality, making an “avoid” list–some of these tips are a little morose. But if they’ve worked for the likes of Jeff Bezos, President Obama, and Steve Jobs, they’re worth giving a try.


At This Adult Camp, Social Networking Means Hot-Tubbing, Breakdancing, And An Open Bar

An idea for a fun getaway to catch up with old friends turned into the best weekend of their lives, and “Camp No Counselors” was born. CEOs of startups holding talent shows in neon and tie-dye? We’d hang out at this summer camp for grown-ups.

Why You Should Never Wear Orange To An Interview

Red is a power color, and white conveys organization, but what about your gray suit? Or that brown interview-standby jacket? Find out which colors are empowering your first impression, and which need to hit the donation pile.

8 Practical Steps To Getting Over Your Impostor Syndrome

Over 70% of us have felt like a fake at some point. Recognizing that self-doubt is holding you back is the first step. The next seven get easier–and even fun.


The Best (And Worst) Times To Post On Social Media

Your audience doesn’t see the great content you’re posting to LinkedIn after 8 p.m., but they’re ready to browse Facebook during that 3 p.m. slump. What about Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google Plus? You’ll want to bookmark this illustrated guide.

How Your Spouse’s Personality Affects Your Success At Work

Who you choose to spend your life with is closely tied to career success and promotions, new research suggests. If your partner is supportive, your work soars; If they’re less than considerate, well, that’s another story.

How Everything We Tell Ourselves About How Busy We Are Is A Lie

You probably work a lot less than you think, sleep more than ever, and are watching more TV than you intend–so why are we still claiming to be ultra-busy all the time? Before you can maximize your days, analyze them with a look at each “busy” claim, debunked.


12 Entrepreneurs Share The Best Advice They Received From A Teacher

“Don’t overthink it. The answer to most of life’s problems require nothing more than common sense.” Sometimes the most profound advice is the simplest, like these words of wisdom from teachers who shaped the lives of future entrepreneurs.

How Neil Gaiman Stays Creative In An Age Of Constant Distraction

Even when you’ve made it big, the same stalls and starts in creative process still apply. “At the end of the day, it’s still always going to be you and a blank sheet of paper, or you and a blank screen,” Gaiman says. “My process as a creator is always the same. You write the thing you want to read. And you go on from there.”