Jeff Goldblum Gets Topless For GE, NYC Gets A New Heart: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Citizen Watches chase the horizon, Leica re-creates iconic photos, New York’s new animated heart, Tim & Eric make Jeff Goldblum awesome for GE, and Orange lets you talk to your future self.

Jeff Goldblum Gets Topless For GE, NYC Gets A New Heart: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

If there’s one lesson to take home from this week in advertising it’s that even if you don’t have a music/hot tub room, a signature fragrance or a home dojo, with the help of Tim & Eric, Jeff Goldblum, and GE we can all kiss our horribly lit, unsuccessful, non-celebrity lives good-bye.


Read more below about their awesome new commercial (great job!) and the rest of our picks for this week’s best in brand creativity.

New York Organ Donor Network “Long Live New York”

What: A new animated short by Oscar-winning director Laurent Witz to encourage and educate potential organ donors in New York.
Who: New York Organ Donor Network, Y&R New York.
Why We Care: By combining a cute story with the animated wizardry of Witz, we get an effective organ donor PSA that doesn’t rely on guilt, sap, or saccharine to get its point across.

Orange “#FutureSelf”

What: To celebrate its 20th anniversary, telecom giant Orange created an interactive experience that gives users the chance to meet and talk to themselves 20 years in the future.
Who: Orange, Publicis Conseil, Jam3
Why We Care: Digital shop Jam3 goes well beyond the typical face-in-the-hole tech, using motion capture software, a combination of 3-D rendering, aging simulation, and browser technologies like Google’s speech API and WebGL, to give people a fun peek at their possible future. Rather than just see your face pasted onto another entity, you can have a brief chat with the 20-years-greyer-and-jowlier you.

GE “Enhance Your Lighting”

What: Tim & Eric bring the weird with Jeff Goldblum stumping for GE’s new Link smart bulb.
Who: GE, BBDO New York, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim
Why We Care: How many people does it take to make a light bulb funny? Here, it’s three–Tim & Eric and the hilariously classy Jeff Goldblum. Not only does it pack the comedic punch of watching infomercials on acid, but while it’s serving up the belly laughs it’s making the brand ecstatic with a pitch-perfect product demo.


Leica “100”

What: To celebrate both Leica’s 100th anniversary and the opening of the new Leica Gallery São Paulo, the camera brand re-created some of the last century’s most memorable photos.
Who: Leica, F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Why We Care: Nobody likes a braggart, but combine your boasting with a stylish re-creation of iconic imagery and you’ll definitely be cut some slack. Leica may confidently assert it invented photography, but this short film and its products do a fine job backing it up.

Citizen “Chasing Horizons”

What: To show off how quickly its new watch can switch time zones, the brand sent a photographer and a pilot to the Arctic Circle to fly at just the right latitude and chase the setting sun around the world.
Who: Citizen, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam and Tokyo, ex-NATO pilot Jonathan Nicol and photographer Simon Roberts
Why We Care: Sure, our smartphones change time zones instantly and automatically but here we’re talking about a luxury fashion accessory that tell impeccable time. You need to put in a little effort to impress someone capable of spending $1,800 on a watch and this is just the kind of elaborate creation that could do the trick. Read more about it here.

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