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Hey Mom, Dove Says A Girl’s Self Image Starts With Your Own

This new campaign points to how a mother’s body image can live on through her daughter.

The last few installments in Dove’s venerable “Real Beauty” campaign have relied heavily on stunts to illustrate a human truth–that many women think their bodies are a disfigured mess and the absolute worst. Or something like that.

These vehicles have proved extremely effective in terms of attracting an audience, if sometimes polarizing. While past efforts have employed FBI sketch artists or fake drug patches to get the point across in an engaging way, this new short film from brand and agency Ogilvy Paris simply juxtaposes the body image notes of mothers and daughters to draw a clear line between how a mother views herself and a girl’s own self image.

It’s both effective and affecting, without swan diving into a pool of sadvertising tears. Now, we just have to wait for someone to make a spoof for dads and sons.

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