See What Happens When Creative People Trade Living Spaces And Lives

Timberland’s “Life Swaps” campaign offers some curious folks the chance to walk in someone else’s shoes.

See What Happens When Creative People Trade Living Spaces And Lives

As happy as you might be with your life, wouldn’t it be fun to trade places with another cool, interesting creative person–especially one who happens to live in a city you have always wanted to visit–for a couple of days?


A magazine editor, a furniture designer, a photographer and a music/technology aficionado are getting to do this through a Timberland “Life Swaps” campaign created in conjunction with Vice for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) markets, and we get to see all that they experience via a series of videos rolling out on Timberland’s Life Swaps site and YouTube in the coming weeks.

In part one of the first episode, we tag along as Sam Smith, a magazine editor from London, travels to Barcelona to step into the shoes of furniture designer Marc Morro. Smith is looking forward to living in the Barcelona that Morro inhabits as opposed to “the Gaudí postcard version.”

As we see, Smith hangs his hat in Morro’s awesome flat in Poble Nuo, and Morro ensures that his guest will be busy, leaving him a list of things to do that includes biking around the city, playing in Morro’s place at his weekly football match, and building a stool based on one of Morro’s designs. “We wanted to push different and original activities where design, quality, craftsmanship, urban outdoor spaces, and creativity could come together,” explains Argu Secilmis, VP, Brand EMEA & Distributors Markets at Timberland Europe, noting that these pursuits are in line with the interests of Timberland’s consumer.

Willy Iffland (Berlin) to Milan >> Claudia Zalla (Milan) to Berlin

In the coming weeks, we will see what happens when Morro adopts Smith’s life in London, then Milan-based photographer Claudia Zalla and music/technology guru Willy Iffland of Berlin will play switcheroo.

All of the participants who were chosen to take part in the Life Swaps campaign represent Timberland’s brand values, according to Secilmis, who says, “We wanted authentic and reliable people interested in new experiences, ready for anything, adaptable and versatile.”

Each member of the foursome is, not surprisingly, clad head-to-toe in apparel and shoes from Timberland’s fall/winter 2014 collection, which is promoted on the Life Swaps site. “Timberland’s vision is to become the largest and most sustainable outdoor lifestyle brand on Earth,” Secilmis says, adding, “This campaign means a big step for us as we wanted to show the lifestyle side of Timberland.”

Sam Smith (London) to Barcelona >> Marco Morro (Barcelona) to London

While Timberland remains committed to creating apparel and shoes that offer quality performance, the brand is eager to show consumers how stylish its products are. “We are not a high-fashion brand,” Secilmis says, “but we are ready to ‘style the lifestyle.’”

Timberland is also ready to make a larger commitment to digital. In fact, Life Swaps marks the first time Timberland has launched a digital content campaign, Secilmis points out. In addition to the Life Swaps site, Timberland is running a display campaign in EMEA markets and is encouraging fans of the brand to use social media to share the places where they feel #inmyelement, which is Timberland’s official hashtag for 2014. “Our goal is to be more and more relevant to our consumer, which is definitely digital-oriented these days,” Secilmis says of the Life Swaps effort. “So we thought this was the perfect way to deliver a new brand experience, enhancing our brand values in a never-seen-before lifestyle execution, putting digital communications at the core of our business.”

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