New York City Gets A Brand New Heart In This Animated Short

In September, an unbranded poster began to appear in New York City subways. It said, “New York is Dying,” along with an illustration of a strange Franken-heart made of shop and street signs, discarded metal, and other seemingly spare parts of the city.

Now, the answer to any of the WTFs about the random ad is here with a new animated short by Oscar-winning director Laurent Witz called “Long Live New York,” created for the New York Organ Donor Network by agency Y&R New York.

In it, we see a city falling apart–pieces of buildings, street signs and more, crumbling around crowds of sad citizens. That is until the people band together to help fix the problems. The look and feel will be very familiar to anyone who saw Witz’s short “Mr. Hublot,” which won the 2013 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

The short can be seen on a new site aimed to encourage and educate potential organ donors in New York.JB