GoPro Will Put You On The Ice With This New NHL Deal

For those of us who’ve never had the pleasure of staring down Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin on a breakaway, or trying to get the puck past New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist or getting a punch in the face from the Bruins’ Milan Lucic are in luck. Now a new content sharing deal between the NHL and GoPro will integrate GoPro footage of NHL players in action into league game broadcasts.

We got a taste of what that might look like during the 2014 Stadium Series at Soldier Field and Yankee Stadium, when Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury and referee Wes McCauley wore GoPros during the games. This time, GoPro took time during the league’s media week to shoot a dozen top players in a variety of game situations (okay, not the face-punching). So when one of those players scores a goal this season, NBC (or Rogers in Canada) can air that taped GoPro footage alongside the actual highlight to give fans a new perspective on what that player might’ve been seeing. Last year, Monday Night Football used similar footage during its NFL broadcasts.

It’s not quite an eagle, happy dog, or pelican flying lessons–let alone riding a giant wave–but it may be the first step towards having actual first-person camera shots in real hockey games.

[via Adweek]JB