Fast Company Is Hiring A Data Engineer–Is It You?

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Fast Company Is Hiring A Data Engineer–Is It You?
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Want to work with untapped troves of data and use it to build tools that will impact the bottom line of a successful publishing business?


If so, apply to join Fast Company‘s dev team. You’ll be looking at data from our 11M+ UVs, analyzing it, and figuring out how to gather more. You may not be a data scientist per se, but you’re interested in learning more about distributed computing, map-reduce operations, plumbing massive data sets, and reading and visualizing trends that can lead to insights for the business, the brand, and the technology.

You approach QA from a scientific angle, believe that useful user testing begins with network effects, and have the programming and analytical skills to build experiments, validations, and visualization tools. You want to look at our terabytes of bandwidth usage and the ever-expanding log files that go with it, and tell us what it all means. You want to write tools in Python, Node.js, and Ruby that can carve meaningfully through mountains of data. Most of all, you are fascinated by what’s implied in the phrase “web scale.” You are a programmer at heart, but programming doesn’t interest you unless there are massive streams of unending input for your code to process.

Our team is a small but devoted group with diverse technical skills, working from a custom-built stack that powers all of our sites. We use Redis, Solr, Cassandra, and AWS for data and infrastructure, and most of our application runs on Node.js. The Fast Company family of sites publishes over 6K original articles to the web each year, and has been online since 1995. We hope you’ll join our team as we follow the current forward.


  • CS degree or equivalent understanding of design patterns, algorithms, and data structures
  • Some experience working with large network-effect data sets, including various metrics about “social” usage of a website
  • Experience with visualization tools and log services such as Graphite, Boundary, and Kibana
  • Proficient in Ruby, Python, and Node.js
  • Understanding of network architecture, especially for distributed computing and high-traffic, content-oriented websites
  • Experience with database modeling and scaling, including replication and/or sharding, across at least one relational and one NoSQL Db.

Pluses, but not required:

-Experience at another media company where big data mattered
-An understanding of Hadoop and Scala and an ability to convey the pros/cons of each for various tasks
-Perl or C background, especially state machine and/or reg ex expertise.
-Large scale document processing experience, whether XML data feeds, semantic data mining, or publishing tool chains

***To apply, email with the subject line “SOFTWARE ENGINEER, BIG DATA.”



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