• 09.29.14

Tim & Eric’s Awesome New GE Ad Stars Jeff Goldblum, Great Job!

Get weird and learn how to get successful guy lighting at normal guy prices.

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are no strangers to commercials, but they’ve brought some welcome strangeness to advertising. The duo have served up their unique vision for brands like Old Spice and Absolut, and now have enlisted Jeff Goldblum for this new ad with agency BBDO New York for General Electric’s connected smart bulb called Link.


Goldblum stars as a very successful and dapper gentleman and, much like a lot of Heidecker and Wareheim’s work, appears to live on an existential plane reminiscent of watching infomercials on acid. He teaches us that even without a music/hot tub room, a signature fragrance or a home dojo, with the help of Link we can kiss our horribly lit, unsuccessful, non-celebrity lives good-bye.

Advertising comedy has gotten weirder in recent years, but there’s weird and then there’s Tim & Eric weird. So it’s nice to see a giant corporation like GE embrace this brand of funny for such a mainstream product. All the absurdity aside, the ad actually fits in a client’s dream worth of product demonstration and information. Apparently each of these bulbs cost just $14.97–or 66 cents a year–which is less than Goldblum tips the guy who tips people for him.

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