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“Thug Kitchen Cookbook” Will Stop You From Being a Lazy F*@k About Food

A new trailer for the forthcoming Thug Kitchen Cookbook features clean food and dirty mouths. (Warning: NSFW language all over the place.)

Infomercials are easy to mock, and they’re rightfully mocked often. One of the latest videos to send up these Cialis-style struggle-based ads, though, is itself an infomercial.

Thug Kitchen Cookbook was born on the Internet. The website features clean, simple foods, with risqué recipes. (The site’s motto is “Eat like you give a fuck.”) The ad for the new book, from production company Process and director Daniel Schechter, trots out the standard multi-generational, cross-race, dual-gender testimonial crew to flog the benefits of the book. (Side effects may include “feeling better,” “looking fly as fuck,” and “saving some goddamn money.”) The main difference is that these food-happy folks curse like sailors in some kind of well-catered cursing class. It’s a well put-together parody that, in accordance with the motto, somebody clearly gave a fuck about getting right.

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