This Interactive Mirror Shows Women Positive Things About Themselves They Don’t See

All-female band The Mrs. promote their song “Enough” with a customized interactive mirror experience designed to show some women their true selves. (Spoiler alert: they all cry.)

All-female band The Mrs. formed because its members didn’t feel they were hearing their lives reflected on the radio. In launching their debut single recently, they’ve found a way to literally reflect some of their target audience’s lives right back at them.


It all started with stickers. When the band began promoting the single “Enough,” which is about challenging the idea of perfection, they printed stickers of pink hearts and arrows with encouraging sentiments like “You Are Enough” and “You’ve Never Looked Better,” and placing them on mirrors all around Austin, TX. (Each also bore a link to the song, and the hashtag #ImEnough, of course.) Things escalated, however, with the introduction of an interactive, talking mirror.

The idea was for the mirror to say things that would act as a corrective to the overly critical self-judgment women–and, it must be said, some men–tend to apply when they examine themselves. Random visitors to a mall in Austin stopped by and the mirror would flash the neon messages: “How do you feel when you look in the mirror?” These visitors would then be able to indicate on a scale from Woof to Drop Dead Gorgeous, after which one of the members of the band hidden in a booth behind the mirror would talk them up to a higher self-assessment.

Additionally, there were some planned guests who received an Oprah-style emotional ambush. Members of The Mrs. coordinated with these ladies’ husbands and children in order to implement some pictures and customized messages designed to elicit tears. (Spoiler alert: it worked.) While the whole enterprise, from song to execution, may be a bit on-the-nose, it’s nowhere near as blatant as the cosmetics industry and photoshop-heavy women’s magazines, which reinforce the opposite kinds of feelings every day.

Watch a behind the scenes video for the project below.

[h/t to Viral Viral Videos]