• 09.26.14

This Hidden Cam Stunt Shows How Often A Woman’s Boobs Get Checked Out Daily

Nestle’s Fitness cereal uses a secret bra camera to show how often your chest gets eyeballed.

A woman’s chest is frequently the object of unwanted attention.


Nestle and agency McCann Paris have figured out a way to use that phenomenon in the service of women’s breasts with the Bra Cam–a small, button-sized camera affixed to the middle of one woman’s chest. The agency then sent that woman into the streets and proceeded to count how many eyeballs were drawn to the cleavage. The video, directed by Ellen Kuras, chronicles all the leers, glances, and stares (from men, women, and children) one pair of boobs can collect in a day. A spokesperson assures us that all the people in the video were unaware they were being filmed, so you’re seeing their real reactions. The new campaign #CheckYourSelfie, aimed to remind women of the importance of breast cancer exams, is using this collection of blatant and inadvertent attention of others to encourage women to check themselves for potential signs of the disease.

It’s all for a great cause, just don’t think staring at that next woman’s chest qualifies as doing your bit for charity.

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