Getting Over Impostor Syndrome, Procrastination & Monday-Hate: This Week’s Most Popular Leadership Stories

This week, we improved our morning routines, learned the why we procrastinate, and why we should never wear orange to an interview.


If you’ve ever felt like a fake, spent way too much time debating what to wear for an interview, or struggled to drag yourself out of bed, this week’s top stories can help.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of September 22.

Why You Should Never Wear Orange To An Interview

Your interviewers won’t tell you that your brown interview suit is boring, so we’re here to say it for them. Want to show off your artistic side, or put the conversation at ease? Read this, get dressed, then nail the interview.

The Real Reason You’re Procrastinating

When you’re dragging your feet, it’s probably not because you’re an insufferably unmotivated employee. Deep down, is one of these reasons to blame? Step back from your procrastination, and see why you’re hesitating to dig in.

7 Super-Efficient Ways To Jump-Start Your Morning

Some days, three snooze-button sessions and a gallon of coffee aren’t even enough. Get inspired to start a few habits that’ll recharge your mornings. Ben Franklin and Mark Twain can’t be wrong.

8 Practical Steps To Getting Over Your Impostor Syndrome

Over 70% of people have felt like a fraud at some point. Turns out, most of us aren’t as self-assured as we seem. Break out of the impostor self-doubt cycle with these tips on perspective, success, and luck.

How To Turn Monday Into A Day You Actually Enjoy

If you start dreading Monday morning on Sunday around 5 p.m., listen up. These tips on rethinking the first day of the week take the sting off an otherwise grating day–Monday blues be damned.