The Recommender: Sandra Pasquariello, Who Was The Williams Sisters’ Ball Girl For A Day (Kind Of)

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The Recommender: Sandra Pasquariello, Who Was The Williams Sisters’ Ball Girl For A Day (Kind Of)
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Sandra PasquarielloPhoto: Celine Grouard for Fast Company

Name: Sandra Pasquariello
Role at Fast Company: Production Manager/Post Supervisor, Video
Twitter: I don’t actually have a Twitter account…is that bad?
Titillating Fact: I was a production assistant for a PSA shoot starring Serena Williams and Venus Williams. I acted as their ball girl for the day.


Things she’s loving:

Lee & Lou Cook
A good friend of mine and her mother have a serious passion for cooking and all things delicious. They started a blog where they post amazing recipes–I am completely addicted. Their love of food and each other really comes out in every recipe and each one is more wonderful looking than the next.

Their recipe for fried zucchini blossoms with ricotta is one of my favorites–not quite in season anymore but definitely worth saving in the recipe box. Trust me on this one.

Biddy the Hedgehog
I love following animals on Instagram; it just makes me happy. Biddy is awesome–he’s a hedgehog and he travels. There is something very zen and relaxing about his posts that give me a little boost when the day starts to get really long. From Biddy at the Painted Hills to Biddy frolicking through pumpkin patches, what’s not to love?

Free Rice
I came across this website a few years ago and I always find myself coming back to it when I have a little time to kill. Its basically an online game where you choose you a topic (grammar, math, geography etc.) and for every question you get right you donate 10 grains of rice through the United Nations World Food Programme. It’s perfect for the person who wants to contribute something to world hunger while extending the least amount of effort. Its also good for those who don’t have the means to contribute in other ways. So go to Free Rice, answer a few questions, and feed some people.

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