This Unofficial Ad Shows How Google Glass Can Actually Do Good

How do you follow up a wildly successful spec ad for Tesla that impressed no less than company founder Elon Musk? For Everdream Pictures, a small production company started by recent college grads, the answer is to go and make a spec branded content short film for Google Glass.

“Captions” is a dramatic story that shows how the capabilities of Glass–such as a nifty translation app–can help people better communicate in life-or-death situations. Here we meet a photographer out in the Mexican wilderness, who comes across a young boy suffering from a poisonous snake bite.

The short, written and directed by Everdream co-founder Joe Sill, keeps with the production company’s ethos that great content doesn’t have to come at great cost. Everdream co-CEO James Khabushani says the film was made in one week for less than $5,000.

As for following up its Tesla success from earlier this year, it looks like Everdream is two-for-two, as the Google Glass Facebook page enthusiastically shared the film.JB