Awww Alert: Watch A Cute Beagle Return Items Lost On Planes To KLM Flyers

His name is Sherlock, and he is the mascot for KLM’s Lost & Found service.

An adorable beagle wearing a blue KLM jacket is seen in a video posted on YouTube chasing passengers through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and returning the items they have left behind on planes.


His name is Sherlock, and the determined little pooch is the face of a campaign created by the Amsterdam office of DDB & Tribal Worldwide to promote KLM’s new Lost & Found service.

The goal of KLM’s Lost & Found is to return lost items to passengers as soon as possible, preferably before they exit the airport. To that end, KLM flights are thoroughly searched by flight crews right after they land, and when items are found, KLM’s Lost & Found team tracks down the owners using everything from seat numbers to social media. “Very often the Lost & Found team is able to surprise passengers by returning their personal belongings before they have even missed them–like true detectives. So to launch the team we decided to give them a helpful mascot, Sherlock the search dog,” says DDB & Tribal Worldwide creative Alex Herwig.

To be honest, if I thought a cute little dog would return my headphones, I would “forget” them in the seat back pocket every time I flew. Actually, if you are thinking of doing that the next time you fly into Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in hopes of Sherlock chasing you down, think again. “Sherlock is the mascot of KLM’s Lost & Found team, but, of course, he is not always there to help the team,” Herwig notes. “With this video, we wanted to show that KLM goes above and beyond to return lost items to their owners.”

Sherlock was a real trouper, by the way, when it came time for him to work with DDB & Tribal Worldwide and Amsterdam production company Big Shots to make the KLM video. “Working with Sherlock was great. We filmed for two straight, long days, but he just kept going and going, although we did hear he slept for days in a row afterwards,” Herwig says.

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