Your New Favorite Instagram Account Is Eavesdropping On Your Conversations

“Yes, I overfed him. But I didn’t make him throw up. That was his decision.”

“No millennial woman is this happy unless she’s going to Chipotle.”

“What’s the deal with grown men in sweatpants? I’m like, ‘Hello! I can see your penis!’”

Who needs to hear an entire conversation when an out-of-context nugget can speak volumes?

Enter your new Instagram obsession: “_eavesdropper.”

Created by art director/designer Mete Erdogan, “_eavesdropper” takes “excerpts from overheard conversations to create typographic entertainment for all.”

Entertainment for all, indeed.

Check out more of Erdogan’s eavesdrops here, and watch what you say in public lest you become his next typographic work of awesomeness.KI